Brook Green Centre for Learning’s aim is to develop successful learners who are numerate, creative and enquiring and able to solve problems.

Our highly dedicated Mathematics team possess an outstanding range of skills and experience in education and the wider world including uniformed services and engineering. The department is headed by a Mathematics specialist, working alongside a specialist Scientist, our ICT Lead teacher, specialist Technology teacher (with a strong interest in electronics and engineering) and our Humanities Lead teacher; all are Secondary trained. We also have a specialist Higher Level Teaching Assistant for the maths department who uses intervention strategies to offer further support to pupils on a one to one or small group basis. The diversity we offer supports and enhances our strong Mathematics scheme of work and helps our students become more aware of the challenges facing them as they leave school.

We seek to create a supportive learning environment. We make great use of a variety of software, books, web-sites, games and real-life materials to engage students and help them learn in the way that best suits their needs. We are constantly looking for innovative ways and resources to help our students to not just ‘do’ mathematics but to understand ‘why’ and ‘how’ as well.

We have comprehensive schemes of work available as electronic resources on our school server allowing teachers to better consider and reflect on their teaching and improve creativity and effectiveness in the classroom.

Numeracy is developed across the school as well as cross-curricular provision. Targeted Intervention provision is delivered by our secondary trained Intervention Lead Teacher and is used extensively to help students who encounter specific difficulties in an area of Mathematics that result in barriers to learning.

The department has a very strong progress tracking and analysis system which proves invaluable in identifying strengths and weaknesses both in teaching and learning, enabling us to always find opportunities for improvement.

Years 7 & 8

Year 7 & 8 children are set by ability. Year 7 setting is achieved by analysing their KS2 levels prior to entry and clarified by our base-line assessments. The Year 7 & Year 8 analyses are compared and both year groups are set by ability into two sets.

This system allows us to deliver the best teaching possible by matching teachers with certain skill-sets to appropriate ability ranges.

Students follow the National Curriculum Renewed Framework for Mathematics. We adapt the Numeracy Strategy to meet our children's needs.

Pupils make good progress in all aspects of mathematics, including number, algebra, shape and measure and data handling.

Activities for our less able children's needs include counting, measuring, comparisons, pattern making and problem solving. The work is often practical and may include songs, rhymes and play activities (pretend shopping, etc.)

All pupils will be expected to complete one mathematics piece of homework each week.

Years 9, 10, 11

All of our children have the opportunity to start working towards an Entry Level Pathways qualification.  The most able children will successfully complete the level three course in year 9 and the majority will complete the level three course in year 10. For those that find this too difficult they will be entered for the level two course.  We expect all students to gain at least WJEC Entry Level 2 Mathematics.

The year 10 and 11 pupils will follow the WJEC GCSE mathematics syllabus at foundation level.  This will give them a solid grounding in all areas of mathematics, increasing their confidence and abilities in the subject. Most of our pupils will be entered for the WJEC GCSE Mathematics exam.

For less able children in Year 10 & 11, there is more emphasis on real life skills, such as time and money whilst working on their relevant course. These skills are further enhanced by the many extra-curricular visits and courses, including College courses and our fantastic Citizenship programme.

Mathematics Homework Policy

Homework Policy

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