Computing at Brook Green

At Brook Green ICT/Computer Science provides an opportunity for Students to develop their computing capability. Students are provided with the foundation to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding in order that they may successfully progress through Key Stages 3 and 4. This in turn will give them a good grounding for future study and employability thus ensuring best possible outcomes are achieved by our students to fulfill their full potential. All students are given a Chromebook to use in lessons across the curriculum so they may access up to date information and work electronically.  

Key Stage 3

ICT & Computer Science is taught at Key Stage 3. This involves teaching of basic coding & programming where students complete an ‘Hour of Code’ for which they gain a certificate. In addition to this a ‘Game’ creation module is studied and students are able to build on skills taught in preparation for the transition into KS4. Students also follow a E-Safety scheme of learning to ensure that they are suitably equipped to keep themselves safe in the digital world. The assessment of the students is carried out at the end of each topic and students are regularly set targets for improvement throughout.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 students have the opportunity to gain Nationally recognisable qualifications in ICT and Functional Skills.

  • OCR Cambridge Nationals
  • WJEC Entry Pathways
  • EdExcel Functional Skills ICT


All students complete two weeks of E-Safety training every year with an additional week during Internet Safety Week held in February.  E-Safety and ICT is ongoing throughout the curriculum on a daily basis. In addition to this Parents have the opportunity to attend E-Safety courses held at the school where worries and concerns are discussed and advice given.

E-Safety Leaflet

ICT Award for Brook Green

Brook Green is very proud of achieving the prestigious NAACE ICT Mark for its use of ICT to support the teaching, learning and administration in the school. This is the second time the school has achieved the award.

The school has excellent ICT facilities including computers in all learning area, students having their own Chromebooks for school use (they are allowed to leave school at the end of year 11 with them as a thank you for all their hard work) and staff having IPads, , Chromebooks and Laptops.

We are committed to ensuring that as a school we use a range of new technologies to support innovative and creative teaching and learning for our whole community.

Computing Curriculum Overview