Design Technology

Through Design and Technology students experience working with a wide range of materials, using a variety of processes, all within the structure of the design process. Students get the opportunity to develop problem solving skills & fine motor skills, explore creative design & development and work as individuals & as part of a team. From the different experiences students are provided with the chance to enhance many life skills and confidences.

At Key Stage 3 students complete term long projects which develop different elements of the design process and core practical skills. Each project also introduces a new materials & elements of the Design & Technology curriculum, in readiness for KS4. 

At Key Stage 4, Year 10 are working towards a technical award in materials technology, developing and evidencing core skills for unit. Year 11 are working towards their GCSE in Product Design or working in a small team to complete an enterprise project.   

Year 7

Safety Students start the year by looking at what might happen if we are not safe in the workshop and becoming familiar with the learning environment within the Design Lab & Workshop.

Paddle boats

Introduction to working with wood and hand tools to shape a wooden boat, which is powered using a paddle. Who can design and make the fastest boat? 

Storage Box

Develop skills in wood work, by marking out and cutting finger joints, in order to make a strong box finished to a good standard.

Night Light

An introduction to electronics, plastics and recycling & environmental factors, with the making of a small lamp.

Year 8

Using computers to control outputs.

Systems Using programming skills learnt in computing explore and learn how to use their BBC:Microbit. Then use the Microbit to solve a series of challenges.

Pillow Case

Pin, tack and machine sew, to make your own pillow case, which has your own design on it.

Picture Frames and Mirrors

Use CADCAM to create a fun and creative mirror or picture frame.

Year 9

Mini Beasts

Learn to recognise and shape different metals to make a unique mini beast.

Flashing cards

Developing student’s knowledge and understanding of basic electronics and graphic skills to design and develop a gift card that use flashing lights.


Use the design process to design and make a clock for a specific location & target market using CADCAM.

Mechanical toy

Students use their wood work skills to use cams, gears and pullies to design and make a hand held mechanical toy, in accordance to a system. 

Year 10 – AQA- Level 1/ 2 Technical Award in Materials Technology

This new style qualification is designed for students aged 14-16 who have an interest in woods, metals and plastics and being able to the to make in to different things using new and old skills. Through the 2 year course students have to complete 3 units.  This year students will be completing unit 1, a skills demonstration unit, where through 3 different projects students need to show 12 core skills, including team work.

To demonstrate these 12 skills students will be making hand sized skate boards, working in small teams to design & make a set of coat hook and table lamp. And then recording their evidence e-portfolios. 

Year 11- WJEC- GCSE Design and Technology- Product Design or Enterprise

This year the year 11 students are either working in a small enterprise group, making and selling small items in order to raise money to put towards their end of year prom or completing their controlled assessments and preparing for their GCSE in Product Design.

Students being entered for the GCSE have to choice one of three possible design briefs. Within the lessons students have 30 hours (plus up to an extra 25% for those who qualify for extra time) to use the design process students to design, develop and make a range of products. At the end of the year students will have an external exam.